Accessing the Breakout Room Manager

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This KB article explains how to manage breakout rooms in a session. When the host or co-host clicks on the Global Attendee Options, they can access the Breakout Room Manager. Learn how to effectively set up, organize, and control breakout rooms for a seamless virtual meeting experience. Please note that only one person can access the Breakout Room Manager at a time during a session.



  1. Host or Co-Host Role: In a virtual meeting, only the host or a designated co-host can access and control the Breakout Room Manager. This ensures that breakout rooms are organized and managed effectively during the session.

  2. Accessing Global Attendee Options: To initiate the management of breakout rooms, the host or co-host should begin by accessing the "Global Attendee Options" menu within the virtual meeting platform. This menu typically contains various settings and controls to manage the meeting's attendees.

  3. Managing Breakout Rooms: Once the "Global Attendee Options" menu is open, the host or co-host should navigate to the "Manage Breakout Rooms" option. This action will lead to the Breakout Room Manager interface, where they can configure, assign participants, and oversee the breakout room activities.

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