Pane 2: Screen Share Using Firefox Browser

Screen Share In Firefox - No Java Required!

Note: You first must install the Jigsaw Desktop Sharing Extension and Jigsaw App before you can use Screen Share. For installation instructions visit this Help Desk article: Pane 2 Screen Sharing Installing Extensions and Jigsaw App From Within The Session


Choose "Join Using Browser" button

Share My Desktop

Click "Screen Share".

Click on green "Share" button.



Click "Share" and then follow your browser's prompts for sharing.

Wait for screen share to start.

You are now sharing your screen, once this appears.



Once your sharing has started, you will get a pop up window. Click the X to close the window.



Be sure to expand the pane for all attendees by using the "Follow Me" tool.

Click "Stop Sharing" to stop the screen share.


Share An Application

Before clicking the "An Application" button, you must have the applications opened and expanded on your desktop for those to appear in the drop down list.



Select the window (application) you wish to share.

(Note: If an application does not appear in the drop down, please reference the Firefox Limitations When Screen Sharing for further assistance)


You are now sharing your screen, once this appears.



Accidentally Clicked "Don't Allow"

Click on the red blinking icon in the top left corner of the browser.


Click the "X" to clear this permission and ask again.



Wait for the message to clear and then click the appropriate share button.


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