Firefox Limitations When Screen Sharing

Listed below are a few items that Firefox has made available for screen sharing in their browser; however, these items are currently not working as indicated in their on-screen browser instructions. These limitations do not prohibit the use of Jigsaw's Screen Share tool, but we simply want to make you aware of the current browser limitations. 


1. The "Remember this decision" checkbox does not work properly, it will disable the "Allow" button, so you don't want to choose this option. 

2. Once the you click the "Share An Application" button, Firefox loads the currently running application list. This list is NOT automatically refreshed by the browser! After clicking the "Share An Application" button, if you open another application, it will never appear in the list of applications to share. Currently, the only known fix is to fully close your browser and re-open it. 

3. If any application is minimized, it will populate in the list of applications available for sharing, but the sharing will never actually start. The timer will just countdown to "0" and the sharing will never start. The application you want to share cannot be minimized when starting the sharing.

So, it is critical if using the application sharing tool that you have all applications opened and expanded on your screen BEFORE clicking...Share "An Application". 

4. When you click on a button to begin sharing the Desktop/Application, Firefox will show a security/permissions popup window, asking if you want to give Jigsaw permission to share. If you choose the "Don't Allow" option by accident, the share buttons "My Desktop" and "An Application" stop responding. To correct this problem, click red blinking icon in the browser address bar, then click the 'X' to remove the "Allowed Temporarily" permission. FireFox will then prompt for permissions again, giving you the opportunity to allow the sharing.


Lastly, if you see this error message, be sure to update your Firefox browser to the latest version.




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