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  • Phone Audio Enhancements


When a session is set to use phone or computer audio, attendees will make the audio selection when joining the session.

The Adobe Flash Player Settings may appear. If you will be using your web cam and/or your computer microphone, choose "Allow" and "Remember" and "Close".


To dial into the session via your telephone simply dial the phone number for the country you wish. (Note - phone numbers are set up in advance for each company and purchased based on their needs)

You will be prompted to enter the Session Code followed by the # sign.

Next, you will be prompted to enter the Attendee Code followed by the # sign.


Wait a few seconds while you are connected.

Once you are connected three things will simultaneously occur:

1. The hold music ends, followed by a beep.

2. The gray telephone icon appears to the right of your name in the attendee list.

3. The "OK" button appears.

Click "Ok" and you are done!


Changing Audio From Within The Session

Once you are in a session and using the computer audio, you can switch to phone audio by clicking on your microphone icon and choosing "Use Phone Audio".

Then dial in as outlined in the above instructions.

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