What's New In Jigsaw

  • Jigsaw receives U.S. Reg Patent
  • System alerts identifying participants with connectivity issues
  • If the Presenter is using the laser pointer in Presentations or Documents, the laser pointer is seen by mobile users
  • Implemented SQS (Simple Queue Service) for application logs
  • Virtual Learning Desktop App will update
  • Bug Fixes:
    • If web cams are on and the Presenter plays a video from pane 1, when the prerecorded video ends the active web cams will be seen again
    • Documents display correctly for all participants
    • The error received when exceeding the number of characters in the Special Instruction field has been fixed
    • The blank image on the Survey Results Overview report has been fixed


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Jigsaw has received a patent from the U.S Patent Office for its virtual learning technology. The patent is for our multidimensional training/learning capabilities, our collaborative and immersive learning environment along with our engagement and performance analytics. The U.S. Patent Office normally doesn’t issue patents on software but as they looked at Jigsaw’s unique technology for training and collaboration they made an exception.



Jigsaw has implemented a visual alert with notifications to identify any attendee who is having a connectivity issue. The application performs several calculations to identify the "start" of a poor connection. It will then more actively track the connectivity of the specific attendee. Over the course of several tests and a specified amount of time, if a threshold is hit which determines that attendee has a poor connection, the attendee's name will turn orange in the attendee list. If that attendee's web cam is on, the application will stop the live feed and all session attendees will see the message "video stopped due to poor connection" across that attendee's live cam thumbnail.

The attendee with the connection issue, will also see that message across their live cam thumbnail as well as for all participants with live web cams running because theirs will be stopped for that attendee as well. 



This is a systematic and intelligent approach to minimize the "strain" the attendee is experiencing. Their connectivity issues could be due to a myriad of factors such as their bandwidth, CPU processing, or other local hardware issues. This approach allows the attendee continued participation in the session while identifying the features their connection will not support. 

By making adjustments for the user(s) with connectivity issues, this provides a consistent experience for all session participants. 


April 18, 2017: Mobile 1.3.181 and Desktop 4.6.663


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