Release Notification

Jigsaw is proud to announce our new Breakout Room Manager

The new Breakout Room Manager allows the Host and/or Co-Presenter the ability to:

* Create one or more breakout rooms in advance of the session

* Assign invited attendees in advance of the session

* Auto assign available attendees and automatically assign between rooms

* Move and bring back attendees with one click for one or all rooms

* Bring back Chat, Group Whiteboard and Group Notes without closing the room

* Leave rooms open and hold all attendee assignments for the next session

* Edit existing room arrangement, tools used and attendee assignments

* Last, and certainly not least, unpin the room manager from the session


Look Who's Talking

Session attendees who are using Jigsaw's integrated phone audio and who are speaking during the session will be denoted with the "speaking" icon.


Whiteboard Enhancements

Host and Co-Presenter now has ability to erase and delete pages.

1.  Whiteboard More...

Lock Eraser - sets the state of the eraser for attendees when the Group Whiteboard is "unlocked".

Clear Page - in one click will erase everything on the current page.

Remove Page - deletes the current page

Remove All Pages - deletes all pages.


2. Moved the 'undo' and 'redo' buttons to the tools so that attendees cannot edit whiteboard unless it is "unlocked".

3. Add new page by clicking the 'next' icon.



Version 4.9.569





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