Best Practices for Host and Presenters Using Jigsaw


Session Connection

There are many factors that can contribute to a challenging or pleasant online meeting experience with Jigsaw outside of the software. The Jigsaw application is a live online tool requiring a uninterrupted connection. This is especially critical when watching videos, screen sharing, talking, or streaming web cams because these are live feeds.


  • Wired connection is recommended.
  • The fastest internet connection is preferred.
  • Close any programs that are not needed for your session.
  • VPN connections may cause connection issue (See: Required Network settings for proper configuration).

Screen Sharing


  • Use Chrome or Firefox
  • Install the latest version of Jigsaw Desktop Sharing extension to your browser
  • Install the Jigsaw App from the Test My Computer page. ( Use Chrome or Firefox)
  • Ensure you have minimum bandwidth of at least 1.5 Mbps (Up and down) and Ping 50 ms or less. The closer to 0 is optimal.
  • Application Sharing is recommended if bandwidth is an issue because it uses less bandwidth.
  • Recommended resolution for the Sharer to be no greater than 1280 x 720.

The image below is 1280x720.


Note: The size is important for minimizing the required bandwidth needed to share your application. And, by maintaining this size or smaller, along with proper bandwidth, you are guaranteed a quality share experience for those viewing. Jigsaw can share larger resolutions with ease, but most likely you will not have the bandwidth to support what you are sharing.


Web Cam


As more video streams are added to a session, the system automatically optimizes the quality of the streams at specific levels to ensure the users are able to participate in session. If bandwidth or network connection is an issue, reduce your web cam settings or do not use web cam to reduce load on your bandwidth / connection.

Please reference the chart below.

  • Best results are found when 1 to 4 videos with video settings of 320X420.


Videos Streaming Standard Video Settings FPS Quality %
1 to 4 videos 320x240 30 90%
>4 videos 320x240 12 80%
>6 videos 320x240 10 70%
>10 videos 160x140 8  60 %








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