Pane 4: How to Use the Insert Screenshot Tool in Chrome and Firefox

To use the “Insert Screenshot” tool, you will need to use Chrome or Firefox and install the Jigsaw Desktop Sharing Extension and the Jigsaw App. 

Use this link to install these now:


In pane 4, click on the camera icon. 

Use mouse to “Move” to  drag screenshot tool to the object you would like to capture. 

To resize the screenshot tool, use mouse in the lower-right corner to expand or shrink size.


Click camera icon to capture object and the image should automatically appear in your Whiteboard. 



Image will appear onto the Whiteboard.

Note - the first time you use it in a session, allow a few seconds to activate the screenshot tool. After first time use, it will appear almost as soon as you click it. 


And remember because everyone in the session is using different computers with varying screen size, each user has the ability to adjust how the images and whiteboard tools appear for them. 

Use the "Actual" or "Fit" button to toggle between sizes. 

"Fit" - resizes the image to fit the size of your pane. 

"Actual" - resizes the image to the actual size. 


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