Release Note Notification

Over the course of the next several months, Jigsaw is transitioning from Adobe Flash and upgrading to WebRTC / HTML5 so that we can optimize the Jigsaw experience for everyone.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC (short for Web Real-Time Communication) is an open source code that is becoming a standard between web browsers which provides faster delivery of data traveling between apps and browsers. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are supporting WebRTC today.

What does this mean for Jigsaw users?

As we are transitioning the Jigsaw application to WebRTC, you will see changes in the system requirements and faster session performance.

What does this mean for you in this release?

The upcoming October 2017 release will eliminate the Virtual Learning App which means that Adobe Air and Java are no longer needed!

As result, you will see one “Join Session” option in all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and Edge.

Screen Share will be supported with browser extensions. At this time, Chrome and Firefox both support the Jigsaw Desktop Sharing extension.

Screen Share and screen capture tools can be optimized for faster and cleaner delivery by adding the Jigsaw App to your computer.

Both tools, browser extension and Jigsaw App, are a one-time install and allow for auto updating. 

Other Enhancements

Jigsaw is proud to announce these changes as they are the first of many advancing us to the next generation of Jigsaw.

Version 4.9.289

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