Pane 2: Screen Share Using Google Chrome

Screen Share is a tool that allows you to share information saved on your computer with all session attendees.

In order to use this tool, you must install the Jigsaw Desktop Sharing Chrome extension. For installation instructions, visit our Help Desk for…How To Install Jigsaw’s Chrome Extension For Desktop Sharing.

Go to Pane 2's menu and select Screen Share.


The green “Start Sharing” button appears in pane 2.

Before you begin sharing, be sure your web cam is off as this helps minimize bandwidth needed and then click “start sharing”.


Selecting “Your Entire Screen” shares everything on your desktop.


You will see the “starting” button counting down from 120 seconds. When sharing is on, the red “Stop Sharing” button appears.


Click, “Stop Sharing”.


Now, click “Start Sharing” again and this time, select “Application Window”. A nice thing about this tool is, if you are using two monitors, any application on either of those monitors appears in this list.

Now, select the application you wish to share and click the “Share” button.


And, the same countdown and stop process as previously demonstrated is used.


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