Mobile: Tablet Specs

Mobile: Mobile Device Specs

Jigsaw recently performed User Experience testing on a variety of mobile configurations including:

  • Android tablet with a 7" screen size
  • Windows 8 tablet with an 8" screen size
  • Windows 10 tablet with an 8" screen size
  • Android tablet with an 8" screen size

It has been determined that the Jigsaw Virtual Learning Platform is best experienced on a screen size of 8” or greater. Smaller screen sizes may experience the following:

  • Some buttons (Session, attachments, login, etc.) may present a challenge activating
  • Surveys and Instant Polls require the user to scroll in order to see the questions and answers
  • The list of available sessions will require scrolling after only a few are registered

Devices running the Microsoft Windows operating system should utilize the Jigsaw Virtual Learning Application for ease of use and the application's inherit management of the Java platform.

Devices running the Android operating system will find that the Jigsaw mobile interface will not rotate automatically based upon the device's orientation.

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