Desktop: How To Use The Participant Database

The Participant Database can be divided into two lists: Private or Company.

When a Participant or Group is denoted as private, it is only seen by the Host who added it to their "Private" list. But when denoted as "Company", all Hosts within the company have access to the Participant or Group.

Hosts within the same company, may now share Participants and Groups by using a "Company" list.

Best Practice Tips: Add Participants as "Company" and Groups as "Private". 

Note: Existing participant information will be marked as "Private" with in this update.


Use filters for searching for "Private", "Company" or "All" Participants or Groups.


Adding New Participants 

Hosts may add participants individually or import a CSV file to their "Private" or "Company" database. 


"Email ID" and "Owner" are hyperlinks for quick emailing ability.

Hover over "Owner" name and the email id appears. Click on the name for hyperlink to your email.


Editing Participants

Hover over the name of the participant to edit and click.

Update as needed.



Email ID Already Exists In Your List

This email is already in your "Private" or "Company" list. For example, the Participant Database is one database. So, this message is basically telling you that the email you are trying to add is already in database, either on your "Private" or "Company" list. In other words, it is preventing your from adding duplicate entries. 



Email ID Cannot Be Used Because An Account Using The Same One Already Exists.

If the new email that you are entering is already associated with another online user account (meaning a Jigsaw user profile exists), the system will alert you. In this case, you will need to "delete" the email vs. editing it. Then "add" your new email.



Searching for Groups

Best practice, we suggest keeping your Groups as "Private".

Filter by "Private", "Company" or "All".


Adding Groups

Use the "Company" filter to find the list of participants.

Select the names to add to your group.


Click "Add to Group"

Select the "Company" option for the Group Available to and be sure to "save" your settings.



Updating Participant information.

Now you can update participant information, name and email, and anywhere that participant has been used in your "Private" or "Company" list, the info auto updates.

For example, go to Manage Participants and update the name or email of a participant that you have in a Group or added to an invitation list. Then go to the Group or Invitation List and you will see your newly edited email.


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