How Co-Presenters Work


Jigsaw has added the ability for the Host to designate a co-presenter. These two users work in tandem within the session. For example, if the Host "starts" a video then the co-presenter could "pause" or "stop" the video. Likewise if the co-presenter opened a presentation in pane 2, but then the Host decided to invite an attendee to screen share, the last action taken overrides the previous action.

When Using Co-Presenters:

1.  The Host appears at the top of the attendee list followed by the co-presenter.


2.  The co-presenter's image appears in pane 1, if web cams or videos are not in use. And of course, provided the co-presenter has uploaded a presenter image to their profile. 


3. The co-presenter now has the ability assist the Host with breakout rooms. They can do the following from the Main Room:

  • Create breakout rooms
  • Move attendees into breakout rooms
  • Chat to all attendees in the breakout room
  • Use direct chat to any attendee in a breakout room

Version 1 of this enhancement does have the following limitation that you need to be aware of:

  • Since the co-presenter manages the breakout room from the Main Room, if they move into a breakout room, they will lose the co-presenter role. In order to resume that role, they will need to move back to the Main Room where the Host can reassign that role back.

4. The co-presenter has been designed to have most all of the same privileges as the Host except for the following:

  • Cannot "lock" or "unlock" tools used by Host
  • Cannot invite others via invitation list or on-the-fly from with the session
  • Cannot change role of attendees in the session
  • Cannot view session reports
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