Test Your Computer

Using the Test Your Computer button access the test page. A cleaner interface and check status is available to help you test your computer's readiness to join and participate in a Jigsaw session. Please note, only Adobe Flash is required to "join" a session.


Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer users will see these checks.

The Virtual Learning desktop app may be installed using these browsers by clicking the Download VL App for Desktop link. Jigsaw recommends installing this app if you will be using the Screen Share tool.

Note: Jigsaw browser extensions to support Screen Share in Firefox and Chrome. To learn more about those, click HERE.


Chrome and Safari users will see these checks.

Note: Jigsaw recommends installing the most current version of Flash Player.


Open Flash Settings

Activate the Flash settings.

Choose "Allow" and "Remember".

Select the "Microphone" icon and choose your microphone from the drop list, set volume at about the half marker. Select "Reduce Echo" as well.

Select the "Web Cam" icon and choose the web cam from the drop list.


Speak so that your microphone registers with the green bar to the right.



For further assistance:

To return "back" to your sessions, simply click the back arrow in your browser.

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