Pane 4: How to Use the Whiteboard

Q: What is the Whiteboard?

A: An area located in Pane 4 where session attendees can collaborate and share information that is visible to all session attendees using the Group Whiteboard.


The Whiteboard recognizes digital pens and has several editing tools available making collaboration simple and very effective


Let’s take a look at how a Host sets up the Whiteboard and the tools available.


Whiteboard Setup

1.  Choose the size for your Whiteboard.


Whiteboard Sizes for 2 Pane Arrangement





Whiteboard Sizes for 4 Pane Arrangement






Let's take a quick look at these resolutions to see actual size.








From within your live session, the Group Whiteboard is locked by default for all users except the Host and Co-Presenter. My Whiteboard (personal to each session attendee) is always available.

My Whiteboard (personal to each session attendee) is always available.


The Host and/or Co-Presenter has the ability to "unlock" the Group Whiteboard for all session attendees or individually.


Unlocking For All

From the Attendee's Menu > Unlock Group Whiteboard


Unlocking By Individual

From the Attendee's Options (Hover mouse) > Unlock Whiteboard




Whiteboard Tools


The editing tools are located on the right side. If you do not see these tools then the Whiteboard is locked.

The “+" sign adds new pages to the Whiteboard and the   arrows allow the user to “undo and redo” previous entries.

When the Host or Co-Presenter "locks" the eraser, the "undo" and "redo" is removed for all other session attendees. This prevents anyone, other than the Host or current Co-Presenter, in removing content from the Whiteboard.



Camera Icon – Allows for screen capture. Java is needed to use this tool. When using the Virtual Learning App, this feature works with Mac and PC. Does not work with "Join Using Browser" option.
Line Icon – Allows you to insert various line options.    
   When turned on, line size, font and color choices are available.     
Square Icon – Allows you to insert squares.    
    When turned on, line size and color choices are available.    
Circle Icon – Allows you to insert circles.    
    When turned on, line size and color choices are available.    
Pencil Icon – Allows you to write with mouse.     
    When turned on, pencil size and color options available.    
 Highlighter Icon – Allows for use of a highlighter with basic colors.    

   When turned on, highlighter color and size options are available.



Text Block Icon – Allows for block style text.     
    When turned on, font size, type, bold, italicize, underline, and color options are available.    
 Eraser Icon – Allows you to erase content on the Whiteboard. This feature can be locked, so if you do not see it listed with the editing tools, it’s been locked by the current presenter.    
 PDF Icon – Allows you to export content to a PDF file.    
 Insert Image – Allows you to add an image from the Image Gallery which is located in Pane 3.    
The final two icons are available only to the Current Presenter.
 Eraser Icon – Allows the Current Presenter to “lock down” the eraser so that other meeting attendees cannot erase content from the Whiteboard.    
 Laser Pointer Icon – Allows the Current Presenter to use a laser pointer.    




Copy / Paste images directly to the Whiteboard. With the installation of the Jigsaw Desktop Browser extension and the Jigsaw App, images can be "copied and pasted" to the Whiteboard.

1. Install the browser extension and the Jigsaw app from the TEST PAGE. (Must use Chrome or Firefox browsers)

2. Copy image.


3. Paste to the Whiteboard.





Text / Text Block - changes have been made so that resizing, editing and moving the text window is simple and easy!

1. Click the tool you wish to use or use the appropriate control keys: Text or Text Block

Text - Auto resizes as you type.

Text Block - Allow user to resize at will.


2. To "select" the Text or Text Block, click the Selector icon on the Whiteboard.


3. Then click on the area you wish to "select". When you see the 4 way cursor, left click & hold,  then drag and release the left click to reposition.

4. When typing using Text or Text Block, the type may "publish" the text so that it is visible to all attendees by clicking the black circle in the window.


The advantage of clicking the circle vs clicking outside the window is, this allows the person typing to continue without deselecting the tool.

5. Resizing the Text Block window is done by "selecting" the window so that the eight square boxes are showing.

Then position your mouse over any box so that the double arrow shows.

Simply, click, hold and drag to resize.




Whiteboard Resize Tool - Jigsaw has added the ability to resize the whiteboard so that you can obtain the resolution set by the Host when they created the session.


This means, depending upon the size of your Pane 4, you can increase or decrease the size of the Whiteboard canvas.

For example, if you bring the slider all the way to the left, the Whiteboard is reduced to the smallest size to "fit" within the actual size of your Pane 4. When this happens, you will most likely see gray around the edges.


When you move the slider to the right, the Whiteboard size increases. If the actual size of your Pane 4 is smaller than the actual Whiteboard resolution, you will see scroll bars. When resizing the Whiteboard to the right, you are incrementally increasing the size of the Whiteboard to reach the actual resolution set when the session was created. And if your Pane 4 is smaller than the actual resolution, you will always see scroll bars.  

Keep in mind, you can expand Pane 4 in a number of ways:

A - Enlarge your Jigsaw session.

B - Maximize Pane 4

C - Collapse Right side bar


If you have expanded Pane 4 so that its' actual size is smaller than the actual Whiteboard resolution, the scrolls bars are removed, the Whiteboard Resize tool becomes inactive (solid gray), and gray appears around all borders.





Images with Transparent Background - With transparent backgrounds, unleash the power of learning in a whole new way.

1. Add an image or background image to the Whiteboard.


2. Select your image.


3. Resize and position the image with the transparent background in the correct area.





Key Board Short-Cuts - New short-cut keys makes white boarding even easier!


Line Shift + 1
Rectangle Shift + 2
Triangle Shift + 3
Circle  Shift + 4
Polygon Shift + 5
Wedge Shift + 6
Pencil Shift + 7
Highlighter Shift + 8
Stamp Shift + 9 
Bring to Front Shift + B
Copy Shape Shift + C
Delete Shape  Shift + D
Paste Graphic Shift + G
Selector Shift + I 
Laser Pointer Shift + L 
Text Block Shift + R
Insert Screenshot Shift + S
Text Shift + T
Cut Shape Shift + X
Redo Shift + Y
Undo Shift + Z




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