Microphone Troubleshooting Tips (MAC)

Test your computer...

Prior to joining any Jigsaw session Test Your Computer. 

Choose microphone and Close.

Tap the boom of the headset microphone or speak to ensure the green bar is visible. If there is no green bar, then the computer does not recognize your microphone. 

Before getting started...

While troubleshooting any microphone issue, you may need to disconnect it from the computer, shut off your computer, reconnect your audio device, and restart your computer. Some USB microphones need to be disconnected and reconnected according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Note: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for disconnecting USB devices from the computer because some may require that the device be ejected or turned off before disconnecting. Other devices support the Windows Safely Remove Hardware feature.


Ensure your microphone is working on your computer...(MAC)

1. Check your software: If the microphone came with software, make sure it has been properly installed. 

2. Check your power: If the microphone uses batteries, make sure the batteries are good and installed correctly.

3. Check the volume: If the microphone has an individual volume control or mute, make sure the volume is turned up or not muted.

4. Check the connection: Check the connection to your computer. Jigsaw recommends USB connectors for headsets.

  • USB: Disconnect, then reconnect it to your computer. If the computer still does not recognize the microphone, reconnect to a different USB port on your computer.

5. If your computer recognizes your microphone, then Jigsaw will recognize it when you join the session. But if your computer does not recognize your microphone, Jigsaw will not recognize it either. 


Check the sound settings...(MAC)

1. Go to System Preferences.

2. Go to Sound.


3. Choose Input tab, select the microphone to use, and choose the Input volume


For more microphone troubleshooting tips for MAC visit MAC Microphone Troubleshooting.

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