Pane 2: Screen Share Overview

Jigsaw now offers to ability to use multiple screen share. When it has been turned on, your company will have the ability to simultaneously share multiple screens. 

When the Host or Co-Presenter moves to Screen Share all session attendees the Welcome to Screen Share message.

Note: Multiple Screen Share is an add on feature that must be requested by your company administrator.  Further details will be provided upon request by your administrator. 

Using One or Multiple Screen Shares

The Host or Co-Presenter must move to Pane 2 > Screen Share.


When this happens, all attendees will see the "Welcome to Screen Share" message. 

In order to invite an attendee to share their screen, the Host or Co-Presenter must locate that name in the attendee list and "Unlock Screen Share".



Only attendees who have been invited to share their screen will see the green "Share" button.

Click "Share" and then follow your browser's prompts for sharing.

Once your sharing has started, you will get a pop up window. Click the X to close the window.


To reopen this window, click the red Manage Share button.


To add more screen shares, unlock sharing per attendee.


From the Attendee Options > Unlock Screen Share and choose who should see the sharer's screen

If the Host or Co-Presenter selects the "Host and Co-Presenter only" option, then the Attendee's screen will be shared privately with just the Host and Co-Presenter.


Once Screen Share is unlocked that attendee will see the green Share button in pane 2's menu bar.

The Sharer will see the following message once they click the green Share button and share with Host and Co-Presenter only.


When the screen shared is seen only to the Host and Co-Presenter, all other viewers will see this message.

If the Host or Co-Presenter selects the "Everyone" option, then the Attendee's screen will be shared with all participants in the session. The Sharer will see the following message for this option.



When multiple screen shares are running, users may view in grid or filmstrip views.

Grid View

Filmstrip View


To zoom for greater clarity, click the +.

When in "Filmstrip View", to make a screen the primary window, click anywhere on the screen being shared.





Sharing in Google Chrome click HERE.

Sharing in Firefox - Join Using Browser - click HERE.

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