Pane 3: How To Use Group and Personal Notes

Notes are found in Pane 3’s menu.

Group Notes allow all session attendees a great way to collaborate. Attendees will need to be on the same page to see the notes entered.

The presenter has the ability lock Group Notes. When locked, you will see a locked icon and the notes entered are only seen by the host, presenter and attendee who entered the note.

When unlocked, the lock icon changes to denote “unlocked”. And, all session attendees will see any notes that had been previously entered in Group Notes.

To move between pages use the ‘page left’ or ‘page right’ arrows.

Personal Notes allow each attendee a private note taking space.

Notes entered in Group and Personal Notes can be exported to a pdf file.



Delete your note by clicking the red X to the right of your note.


Edit your note by clicking directly on the note.



Adjust the font.


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