What’s New In Jigsaw? 

  • Ability to reset your Jigsaw password online. 
  • Optimizations to Server Side Recording (SSR).
  • Japanese font added throughout the Jigsaw application.
  • Japanese font bug fixed on the Whiteboard.
  • Other improvements and fixes.

Desktop v4.6.297 

Online Password Reset: Security Questions / Answers

The online password reset allows existing Jigsaw users the ability to add security questions to their profile so that they can reset their password online. 

Once you have logged into your Jigsaw account, edit your profile, and then choose the option to "Use Security Questions / Answer to set your password online".

Select the question to use.


Then enter your answer. By default all answers are hidden.

To show the answers click the "eye" icon.

Once three questions and answers have been selected and answered, you can use the online password reset option should you need to reset your password in the future. 


Online Password Reset Process


Choose "Forgot your password?" 


Choose "I want to reset it online" and click the "Next" button.

Enter the email address to reset the password on and choose "Next" button.

Enter your answers to the security questions you selected for your Jigsaw profile and choose "Next" button. All answers are hidden unless the eye is turned off.

Set your new password and confirm. 

Passwords must be at least eight characters and must contain at least:

      • one capital letter
      • one small letter
      • one digit

Valid characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ".", and "-"

Choose "Next" button. 

Password will be saved. Click "OK". 

Now enter your email and the newly created password.

For more info on others ways to reset your Jigsaw password click HERE.




  • Enhanced SSR so that Host can start the recording in the main room or in a breakout room, if neither were set to auto record. 
  • When a breakout room has been set for auto record, fixes have been made to ensure the first attendee moved into the room is the user who starts the recording. 
  • Improvements have been made to pause breakout room recordings when no attendees remain in the room. When the breakout room is closed, the recording will be stopped.
  • Recording notifications to the Host now include room names.
  • Applied fixes for bugs related to starting, stopping, and "recorded by" of all recordings. 
  • Effective this push, newly created server side recordings download as .mp4 files.
  • When a recording has been set to auto start or end, the Host and/or current Presenter will see the red button with three blinking dots.

Once the recording has started, the red REC button is displayed. 






Japanese font is recognizable throughout more areas in the Jigsaw application.

  • Pane 1: Web cam recording names, videos, and audios.
  • Pane 2: Presentations and Documents
  • Pane 3: Notes and Surveys
  • Pane 4: Whiteboard and fixes to the text and text block tools
  • Taskbar: Instant Polls
  • Attendee Name
  • Chat
  • Asset names




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