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February 15, 2023


Application Fixes and Updates

  • More accurate/complete messages when creating/updating Passwords.
    If an error is detected when entering/changing a Password, the messages are now more complete, which should make this process easier without requiring support.

  • Special characters can now be used in Passwords.
    Special characters and punctiation characters can now be used when creating/changing Passwords. This has been enabled for all pages and includes CSV imports.

  • [Bug] Profile Pictures could not be uploaded when partial profile access was enabled.
    An issue was corrected, when attempting to upload a Profile Picture, the picture would not actually upload/save, if the user only had access to part of their profile.

  • [Bug] Personal Whiteboard Assistance is not working properly.
    An issue was corrected, when a Host switched between multiple Personal Whiteboard viewing, sometimes the whiteboard did not actually change.

  • [Bug] Whiteboard Text is wrongly sized when a user first enters a Session or a Room.
    An issue was corrected, when first entering the Main Room or any Break-Out Room, if there was wrap-around text, it would not be sized correctly until the page was changed.

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